Frequently Asked questions.

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I'm just starting out with cryptocurrencies. Where do I start?
Where are you located?
Do I have to pay income tax?
Do you have a sponsorship program?
Are you a fund manager?
Is it a risk-free investment?
I want to be one of you! What's the next step?
How do you process my personal data?
Is crypto mining really profitable?
What is the return on investment?
How many cryptocurrencies do you mine?
What is Community Mining and how does it work?
What happens if the mining is no longer profitable? Do I have to advance funds from my pocket?
Why is the profitability of mining machines not always the same?
How do halvings impact the profitability of mining?
Mining seems simple. You buy a machine, plug it in and check the money coming in. Why should I use your service?
How can I be sure I'm getting the best price?
Can I choose the machine model I prefer or the crypto(s) I want to mine?
Do you sell mining machines?
Where are the machines and why?
Mining requires a lot of electricity. How do you manage this aspect?
What type of payment do you accept? Can I pay by card?
How and when do I get paid?
Can you transfer what I have mined to my bank account, in EUR or USD?
What is a Mining Park Token?
Do I have to reinvest every month? Is there a minimum?
Can I withdraw my funds at any time?
What is the marketplace?
How does the marketplace work?
At what price are the TPMs sold/buyable on the marketplace?
Is there a fee to use the marketplace?
What are the advantages of using the marketplace instead of selling TPMs in the traditional way?
Can I sell my TPMs to someone who is not already a Summit Mining customer?
What is the Summit Token?
Can I purchase some Summit Tokens?
What is included in your service?
Will I have my own machines?
What are the service fees?
Can I cancel the service at any time?
I decide to stop in one year. What happens to my investment? Are the funds guaranteed?
How soon after I transfer the funds to you will I start mining?
Do we have to sign a contract?
Can I add a second beneficiary in case something happens to me?
Can I add my spouse/partner/friend(s)/child(ren) to my account?
Can I transfer my TPMs to another person's account or to my company's account?

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