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Comment le minage de cryptomonnaies peut vous aider
à gagner de l'argent?
Le minage de cryptomonnaies est un moyen non négligeable de générer des revenus passifs.

Miner, cryptomonnaies, kesako ?

Le minage de cryptomonnaies, est très simple à comprendre. Cela consiste à vérifier les transactions effectuées entre les personnes qui s’échangent des cryptomonnaies, notamment la plus célèbre qui est le Bitcoin, à l’aide d’ordinateurs très puissants.

Comment ça marche le minage ?

Les mineurs sont les personnes qui minent (c’est aussi le nom des ordinateurs). En devenant un mineur, vous percevez des frais pour chaque transaction vérifiée. Exactement comme lorsque votre banque vous prend des frais lorsque vous envoyez de l’argent ou quand vous payez avec votre carte.

Puis-je devenir mineur ?

Ce qui est intéressant, c’est que n’importe qui peut devenir mineur. Il faut « juste » acheter les bons ordinateurs pour vérifier les transactions. Donc, n’importe qui peut recevoir de l’argent grâce à la validation des milliers de transactions effectuées chaque jour sur les cryptomonnaies.
Même vous.

Un mineur de bitcoins
de type S19

Cryptocurrency mining
another mirage?

historical monthly gross returns
















9.18 %

10.72 %

22.81 %

19.39 %

35.44 %

38.19 %

14.54 %

9.59 %

3.41 %

3.28 %

1.28 %

1.53 %

167.79 %

13.98 %


4.41 %

3.48 %

1.73 %

3.26 %

3.42 %

3.31 %

4.70 %

6.62 %

4.13 %

2.62 %

6.20 %

8.86 %

52.74 %

4.40 %


12.51 %

12.43 %

13.70 %

12.75 %

7.85 %

3.12 %

4.24 %

5.25 %

4.05 %

6.14 %

4.98 %

3.66 %

90.68 %

7.56 %


2.09 %

1.95 %

2.32 %

6.35 %

2.12 %

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance

A more than profitable investment.
You know that it has become complicated to rely on the financial system and pension or insurance plans. You also know that it's risky to put everything on one investment. Even those considered "safe", such as real estate, showed their limits during the Covid-19 crisis. Some tenants could no longer pay their rent, people stopped traveling, using Airbnb, etc.

What is certain is that it is not your banker who will offer you attractive investments. So, yes, investing in crypto-currencies can have risks, but isn't it also a form of risk to have money "invested" in an account at 0.5% or 1% per year?
Our promise: to do our best.
Keeping in mind the notion of risk, with cryptocurrencies, you can potentially increase the value of your portfolio tenfold in just a few years.

In all transparency, you won't get rich overnight with mining. And we're not going to promise guaranteed returns on investment (also known as ROI).

That said, all we can afford to say is that we have achieved gross ROIs (before management fees) of 167% in 2019, one of 52% in 2020 and 90% in 2021 through bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining.

How can cryptocurrency mining help you

Cryptocurrency mining is a non-negligible way to generate passive income.

Miner, cryptocurrencies. What is it?

Cryptocurrency mining is very simple to understand. It consists of verifying the transactions made between people who exchange crypto-currencies, including the most famous one which is Bitcoin, using very powerful computers.

How does the mining work?

Miners are the people who mine (this is also the name given to computers). By mining, you are charged a fee for each verified transaction. Just like when your bank charges you for sending money or paying with your card.

Can I become a miner?

The interesting thing is that anyone can become a miner. You "just" need to buy the right computers to verify the transactions. So anyone can receive money from the validation of thousands of transactions made every day on cryptocurrencies.
Even you.

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How does Summit Mining works?


You get to know our service

If you have any questions, we assure you that we will respond personally and very quickly.

You create an account

As with any financial service, you will be provided with clear terms and conditions.

You cash in your earnings
every month

At the beginning of each month, you will receive your earnings.
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Summit Mining changes the game.

and invents a new cryptocurrency mining service.

Our CEO on a visit to a bitcoin mining farm (November 2019)

What is Summit Mining?

Summit Mining is a service that allows you to invest in crypto-currencies through highly profitable mining, as it is mutualised and therefore done by all our customers together, including you. That's what makes it unique in the world today. Literally.

We buy, you mine

Unlike all other companies, we don't sell or rent mining machines to you... just wish you good luck in the future!

Instead, once a month we buy the most interesting machines of the moment with the funds at our disposal, and add them to the mining park we manage.

Once they are installed in the mining park, all profits are shared with all existing customers. No more unlucky miners who buy a machine that breaks down after a few days.

Our community as a driver of innovation

Then, every month, we send you the profits generated by the machines, in proportion to your investment.
And since we get paid on what you earn, if there is no profit, there is no pay for us. So you can imagine how hard we work to generate the best profits for all our clients!
So not only do you benefit from the wholesale prices we can get, but this "community mining" greatly reduces your risk while improving your return on investment.

What guarantees for my investment?

A team of experts

Professional management that has already proven itself: you avoid all the mistakes of a beginner.

Your machines, your earnings

You own the machines, so you keep a residual value of your initial investment.

Simplified termination

The ability to terminate the service and recoup part or all of your initial investment (depending on market conditions).

We listen to you

A reactive and warm customer service to answer all your questions.

An equitable service

The equity of your return on investment to ensure a better return on your investment.

A limited risk

One month is not profitable? We disconnect the machines so they don't run at a loss.

Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin?

Just like real estate, the best time to invest was 10 years ago. The second best time to invest is now.

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving. And we believe that we are only at the very beginning of the "crypto revolution".

Look around you. Do you know many people who are interested in it? Barely 2% of the population holds cryptocurrencies. Imagine then when there will be even 10%! It's just like the beginning of the Internet, when only a few visionaries believed in it.

One of our mining farms in China (June 2019)

A community present to help you.

Summit Mining isn't just about making money. It's also about joining an incredible, caring community guided by the same goal of improving your knowledge of cryptocurrencies. When you join our Discord Group, and you can ask any questions you want.

A team determined to revolutionize the world of mining.

A specific expertise
Summit Mining has created its own approach to mining, with a specific growth model inspired and supported by a community of miners.

A team directly concerned by your success
Our team members are crypto-enthusiasts, and most of them are Summit investors themselves.

An established and recognized company
Summit Mining is in the process of being registered with the financial regulatory authorities in France and Luxembourg. The company is part of the Summit Group, which also includes Summit Gravity.


Our key figures.

Experts at your service
45 M
Mining machines under management
Clients who joined Summit

One of our mining farms in China (Nov. 2019)

Why trust us?

After all, are we any better than your bank advisor, who proudly announces every year the few dozen euros you have generated in interest?

Summit Mining is a small, human-sized team that values community spirit and transparency above all else.

Whether it's profits generated from mining or knowledge, we share everything, in real time. You also receive a monthly management report of about 40 pages, which explains everything in detail.

By pooling funds, machines and energy, the leverage is much greater than when you mine alone.

Join before the end of the current investment period.

We only invest once a month, so don't miss our next investment round!


The investment round for this month is now complete.
Very soon, you will be able to join us and invest for the next round.

Start mining in 4 steps.


Create an account

The URL of the application is the following:


Proceed to the payment (from €2,000)

After the mandatory verification of your identity (KYC), you will receive by e-mail the instructions for the payment of your investment.

You will be asked for a minimum of €2,000. There is currently no maximum.

Funds sent by the deadline posted above will be invested as of the 1st and last day of the following month.


Cash in your earnings

This is certainly the step you are looking forward to the most!

Every month, you will receive the fruits of your investment directly to your crypto wallet. If you don't know how to get one, we'll explain everything.

Minimum investment to get started,
including all fees.
€0,06 / kWh
Average price for 1 kWh of green energy
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Cryptos mined to date.


11% of our mining profits come from Bitcoin.


Bitcoins mined to date
by our customers.

(formerly mined)

1% of our mining profits come from the Dash.


Dashs mined to date
by our customers.


65% of our mining profits come from Ethereum.


Ethereums mined to date
by our customers.


15% of our mining profits come from Litecoin.


Litecoins mined to date
by our clients.


8% of our mining profits come from Zcash.


Zcashs mined to date
by our customers.

Your testimonials.

Jikho Sanchez

Google comment

I have been a customer of theirs for several months and I am very satisfied :) Mathieu is really attentive, always available and knows where he is going. I don't worry about my investment, especially since I can follow it clearly and precisely thanks to the monthly reports. I saw some negative opinions on some forums and I quickly understood the bad faith of the detractors. Too bad for them ;) Thanks again to all the Summit team for all the work done, you guys are beasts :D

One year ago


Google comment

Customer since February that positive, a transparency exemplary very good communication and responsiveness.a follow-up very active! Hate to continue with them on their new services!

5 months ago

Matthieu Rousset

Commentaire Google

J'ai rejoint Summit Mining en novembre 2020 : j'étais à la recherche d'un groupe d'investisseurs pour partager ma passion des cryptomonnaies. C'est ce que j'ai trouvé : une communauté bienveillante, avec de belles personnes. Au delà de l'intérêt financier (plus de 100% de rendement annuel certaines annés (!), c'est d'abord une belle aventure humaine.
Merci à Matt et toute l'équipe pour votre superbe travail 😃
"To the Moon !" 😉🚀🥂

Il y a 10 mois


Commentaire Google

Le gérant Mathieu est quelqu'un de très carré, professionnel ayant une grande connaissance du monde des crypto mais également de tout l'aspect opérationnel. Cela donne un grand sérieux a la société et un bon indice confiance. De plus le gérant est très facilement joignable, a l’écoute des questions, suggestions et explique clairement les décisions prises.

Comme dit plus bas, alors que des géants ont fermé portes, Summit Mining reste debout et est rentable.
Un très bon investissement dans un secteur qui me semble très porteur.

Il y a un an

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